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Please feel free to call or send me an email with your questions/comments.

I will be happy to discuss your specific needs with you.
Thank you for your interest in Advanced Energy Therapy. I hope we can be of service to you in your quest to “Transform to Tranquility” or to “Hear Your Pet, Help Your Pet”.

Advanced Energy Therapy is located in the Metro Detroit Area (Clarkston, Michigan).
Appointments are NOT limited to the Detroit area.

Animal Communication Sessions and Personal Psychic Reading are done over the phone so location is not an issue.

Leslie has clients from many countries and she travels the world. Check the Events page to see where Leslie will be appearing next.
Call for an appointment or to set up a date for Leslie to Guest Lecture at your next event.
Telephone: (248) 909-3700

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The Reiki treatment that I received from Leslie has been life changing.   During my experiences, her gentle technique opened my mind and provided a deep sense of relaxation in every bone and muscle in my body. With every movement of her hands I experienced a tremendous release of negative energy which is now replaced with positive thoughts and feelings.   The next day I wake up with a renewed and positive energy that carries me to my next treatment. I experience new found happiness for my life and for those around me with each treatment.   My aches and pains have decreased and I feel better physically and mentally after every session.  I have seen Leslie help many friends and family over come chronic ailments and personal dilemma.   I trust her and know that when I am with her she invites healing and happiness in to my life.

Dee Douglas

Rochester Hills, MI

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