Jolly came to me for Reiki healing as he had a tennis ball sized tumor on his mouth. It literally looked like he was holding a tennis ball in his mouth. His prognosis was not good. His owner was wondering if at Jolly’s age, should they go ahead and have the tumor removed. While they were deciding they brought Jolly to me to relieve the obvious pain he was in.

It made my heart sing when he walked in and wagged his tail as if so happy to see me and ready for some healing. Jolly’s Mom, Nancy told me not to get anywhere near his mouth as it was so sore that he would flinch if you came within 2 feet of his tumor.

Jolly was curious and started walking around my office when I started giving him Reiki and it only took about 90 seconds for him to make a beeline to me and lay down in front of me. I was VERY cautious as not to place my hands near his mouth, but instead I hovered about 12 inches above his nose. Jolly then did the most amazing thing! He took both of his paws and wrapped them around my hand and pulled my hand down so that it rested on his tumor. I was leery that he was really trying to push my hand away, but he never took his paws away and as I tried to gently raise my hand back up he dug his nails into my hand and brought it back down to again rest on his tumor.  Each time that I tried to pull away he would pull me back.  He left my hand there for about 15 minutes until he fell asleep.  When he awoke, we took these photos of the two of us.

Jolly has since gone on to his great reward, but I think of him often and I often look at the photo that Nancy sent to me of the two of us with the caption, “Jolly and his favorite healer”.

My website would not be complete without his photo.


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