Lucy was the first bear that I ever talked to. She was 18 months old at the time and I was immediately smitten. Lucy came to live at MGE after she was orphaned in Alaska. She was severly underweight when she arrived at the Montana Grizzly Encounter (MGE) in Bozeman, Montana. But luckily they took good care of her and she filled out nicely. Lucy amused herself by rolling in the snow, making bear snow angels, and rolling down the hill.

Lucy warmed my heart when I walked around the corner at MGE and she stopped what she was doing and came running over toward me and stood up on her hind legs to greet me. She immediately reconized my energy from when I worked with her in September 2012. I can tell you that there is nothing more special than having a Grizzly Bear recognize you (in a good way) and be happy to see you.

UPDATE:  Heartbreaking news: Lucy had a brain tumor and died just a few days after her 3rd birthday in January 2014. I worked with her until the very end and she taught me so much about Animal Communication and being Empathic.  I continue to talk to her from time-to-time and I am happy to say that she is once again frolicking and rolling in the snow in Spirit. Thank you Lucy for all that we went through together. You taught me more than you will know.

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