Sheena was a 26 year old Grizzly Bear when I met her. She also lives at the Montana Grizzly Encounter in Bozeman, MT. Sheena and her twin sister Christie were rescued from Texas where they were both stuffed together into a 6x4x4 foot cage. They had lived together in the single cage for 18 years where they couldn’t even stand up. Christie passed on from Leukemia a few years ago, but Sheena is happy and safe at the MGE. I feel that she benefited the most from the time that I spent with her.

One year when I went to visit Sheena and the other bears at MGE, Sheena was visibly shaken because she could smell smoke. I assured her that it was just the neighbors next door and that she was in no danger, but she continued to pace. I asked Sheena, “what can I do to help?” She said, “sing to me!”  I spent the next 2 hours singing every song I could think of until she finally curled up with her blankets and went to sleep.  I literally tiptoed out of the bear den so that I wouldn’t wake her.  It was one of the most exhausting, but best days of my life.

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