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Reiki with Leslie is fantastic!

Reiki with Leslie is fantastic!   I've been trading sessions with Leslie for the last year and I swear every session with her is better than the last.  She is a very gifted and intuitive healer. Every session leaves me feeling more whole and totally rested and...

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My daughter’s symptoms subsided with no recurrences

Leslie has been a personal friend of mine since high school and I have been aware of her ability to attract and project positive energy for many years. My 13 year old daughter had suffered from stomach pain and vomiting on a daily basis for five years as a result of...

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Life Changing Experience

The Reiki treatment that I received from Leslie has been life changing.   During my experiences, her gentle technique opened my mind and provided a deep sense of relaxation in every bone and muscle in my body. With every movement of her hands I experienced a...

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Frustrated with Traditional Medicine

I found Leslie by chance on a Reiki website and gathered up the courage to call her because she was close to my home.   I had never had a Reiki treatment but after suffering from severe chronic insomnia for over 15 years I became frustrated with traditional medicine...

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